Data Management

Transforming organizational data into an accurate, timely, secure information asset

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the process of planning, integrating and certifying data from different systems to create usable information in an established single source of the truth. Governed and controlled EDM environments promote timely, accurate and reliable data for decision making.
Many organizations are made up of many different systems that in many cases do not easily integrate. As organizations grow the need for integrated data or information increases, database and data integration environments rapidly grow and environments become costly, complex, unsustainable and maintenance intensive. EDM strategies facilitate a structured approach to effectively managing an organizations data.


Build performant and scalable databases and data models that produce flexible information assets that can evolve with business needs.


Produce optimal distribution of data across multiple platforms and transform organizational data into actionable information.


Managing the quality, consistency, security and usability of information. Data governance sets administrative guidelines for data access and ownership and promotes quality and control in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archival and deletion of information.


Protecting organizational data from harmful actions or access by unauthorized users. Securing database content at rest and in transit.