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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) can be defined as the various methods by which an organization analyzes structured, unstructured and raw data. A variety of tools are available to support particular use cases and typically fall into the following categories: Operational Reporting, Analysis, KPI Monitoring, Advanced or Predictive Analytics.

Application Development
Creating software using the fundamentals of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Design, Development, Quality Assurance, Documentation, Release and Maintenance. Application development can be targeted to a variety of technology platforms and the SDLC can be aligned to traditional Waterfall or Agile delivery methods.

Data Management
Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the process of planning, integrating and certifying data from different systems to create usable information in an established single source of the truth. Governed and controlled EDM environments promote timely, accurate and reliable data for decision making.

Cloud ServicesImprove the capability of your team as well your products by leveraging the right cloud resources. Build trust with your customers and stakeholders by being available, performant and cost-controlled. Leveraging our deep knowledge of cloud platforms we design new, migrate existing and provide managed services on Azure, AWS & GCP.

Rapid Assessment
Edge R&D provides services to rapidly assess and construct high level business plans that clients can use to quickly resolve functional opportunities. Rapid assessments are tailored to deliver quick wins and meet immediate or tactical needs of the client.

Transformation Strategies
Edge R&D provides services to assess and construct strategic business plans that clients can use to balance the execution of short term deliverables needed to achieve long term goals. Strategic roadmaps are tailored to deliver value in short increments. Roadmap deliverables are structured as milestones or funding agents that promote executive support and achieving long term strategic needs of the client.

Edge R&D provides services to simplify complex and maintenance intensive application development and business intelligence environments. Eliminating redundant technologies, establishing reusable application development frameworks and centralizing organizational data are drivers that can be used to produce immediate positive budget impacts and fund tactical or strategic needs.

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