About Us


Edge R&D offers practiced strategies and rapid delivery methods proven to simplify processes and technologies that unlock cost reduction, revenue generation and operational efficiencies.


The Edge R&D team is comprised of innovative practitioners with robust technical and business skill sets. Resources are high quality at competitive prices, can effectively communicate with Business and IT, and are chartered to seamlessly transition all intellectual property to the client. Edge R&D uses execution models that deliver value in short increments and allow the client to easily guide engagements.


Edge R&D provides a variety of services that transform costly, complex and maintenance intensive ecosystems. Our professionals work diligently to develop an execution approach that promotes incremental and long term delivery of value.

Team Roles

Managing Partner

The founders of Edge R&D practiced experiences to accelerate realization of goals. Partners provide strategic guidance, manage execution, ensure client goals and objectives are met and make sure that resources are aligned and operating effectively.

Product Owner

Product owners translate the needs of the business to the development team. Product owners work closely with the business partner to gain an in-depth knowledge needs and requirements and ensure developers progress is transparent and the best interest of the client are met.


Architects are seasoned IT professionals and have practical experience developing and deploying enterprise solutions. Architects pride themselves as being diligent problem solvers and leaders who provide guidance, prioritize efforts and work closely with the client to make great decisions.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance testers are analytical, experienced and chartered to thoroughly understand the business definition of a completed and quality product.

Data Developer

Data developers are detail-oriented and hold each other and the team to the highest possible performance standard. Data developers are experienced in implementing performant database and integration design across several DBMS's.

Application Developer

Application developers have a proven track record of exceptional delivery across a variety of technology stacks. The team is pragmatic, tools agnostic, thorough and is dedicated to meeting the deliverables of our business partners.

Business Intelligence Developer

Report, dashboard and data visualization designers excel in making organizational information accessible to business users in an intuitive manner. As a whole, the Edge R&D team is tool agnostic and have resident team members experienced with a variety of today's most prevalent BI tools.


Analysts are excellent communicators who have the ability to think objectively and help solve complex problems. Analysts provide themselves in being resourceful and strive to constantly learn, increasing their value to our business partners.