Rapid Assessment

Developing short term tactical strategies that quickly resolve particular functional gaps

Edge R&D provides services to rapidly assess and construct high level business plans that clients can use to quickly resolve functional opportunities. Rapid assessments are tailored to deliver quick wins and meet immediate or tactical needs of the client.


The primary goals of discovery is to assess priorities with the client, establish a communication strategy, obtain system access for technical review, ensure alignment with client team members and the review of key opportunities.


Technical inventory, workflow diagrams, root cause analysis, tactical and strategic solution maps are established and reviewed with the client. Depending on budget and priorities this process can sometimes go through a few iterations until the client is ready to formally commit to execution by Edge R&D.

  Roadmap Strategy

Review analysis findings with stakeholders & identify additional opportunities. Presentation of architectural diagrams and execution plans for strategic and tactical options are delivered. One final review of deliverables is performed with executive stakeholders prior to progressing to execution.