Streamlining data, business processes and reporting environments into a sustainable, supportable and cost effective solution

Edge R&D provides services to simplify complex and maintenance intensive application development and business intelligence environments. Eliminating redundant technologies, establishing reusable application development frameworks and centralizing organizational data are drivers that can be used to produce immediate positive budget impacts and fund tactical or strategic needs.

  Tools Rationalization

Rationalize disparate systems as early milestones to solving long term strategic technical challenges. Identifying redundancies, consolidating systems and identifying unused systems for decommission simplifies technology infrastructure and incurred savings can be leveraged to fund strategic initiatives.

  Reusable Framework

Produce reusable technical functionality that promotes consistency, supportability and increased time to market.

  Data Rationalization

Streamline complex database ecosystems that are difficult to navigate and maintain. Updating the data foundation of organizational information reduces overhead on core business systems and facilitates a secure, accurate and reliable asset that can be used support strategic organizational growth.