Transformation Strategies

Developing strategic process and information roadmaps that align short and long term technology and business objectives

Edge R&D provides services to assess and construct strategic business plans that clients can use to balance the execution of short term deliverables needed to achieve long term goals. Strategic roadmaps are tailored to deliver value in short increments. Roadmap deliverables are structured as milestones or funding agents that promote executive support and achieving long term strategic needs of the client.


The primary goal of analysis is to understand strategic direction of the business, holistic review of the technology architecture related to organizational data, tools, integration points, etc. and obtain Edge R&D and Client alignment on short and long term goals and objectives.


Timelines, resource needs, estimated engagement costs and a high level strategic roadmap with milestones and deliverables is established and reviewed with the client. Depending on budget and priorities this process can sometimes go through a few iterations until the client is ready to formally engage Edge R&D services.

  Technical Review

Specialized Edge R&D analysts are paired with client’s business and technical functional owners to perform an in-depth review of technology and process. During this phase the team defines measurable benchmarks within the defined deliverables.

  Strategic Roadmap

An execution path containing Milestones, Deliverables and Benchmarks is assembled and reviewed with client for changes and acceptance. Artifacts including Risks, Assumptions and Considerations are included in the review of the roadmap. Communication strategy, cost benefit analysis, turnover strategy, implementation & monitoring are also activities that are being constructed as part of continued planning and preparation.